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Design Management

The management of design enables a business to create a perception in a customer's, or potential customer's mind, through all of these:

  • Brand or company identity
  • Promotional material: brochures, mailers, etc.
  • Website or other multimedia
  • Premises; commercial or retail environments
  • Products or services

It also enables the business to achieve its objectives such as:

  • differentiate the company and its products or services from its competitors,
  • win or retain business
  • increase the perceived value, therefore increase prices or desirability

Managing the process for design

The success or failure of a project usually depends on its foundation: the way it is set up. The time spent at the beginning on this process is critical. We work with you to develop a design strategy which will address how you use all aspects of design, especially the company or brand identity, to gain competitive advantage, which means beating your competition and succeeding, being profitable. If there are projects that need to done, we take you through this process which is effective and means you get the results that your company needs.

  1. Develop a design strategy, including objectives, from which projects can be defined
    a) Identify the challenges faced
    b) Gather facts and analyse competition
    c) Explore the possibilities
    d) Generate ideas
    e) Assess the ideas and select those to take forward as a project
  2. Create an outline design brief which describes the project and its scope
  3. Identify potential professional designers
  4. Give outline brief and then meet to assess
  5. Select designers then work out with them the detailed brief
  6. Commence project and manage design project: ensuring that it keeps to the brief or is re-aligned as new ideas or situations emerge, and meets the budget and timescales set.

Using design strategically

Managing design involves using the strategy of the company to develop a strategy for design, for example if a company has an aim to increase sales, the identity of the company or brand: the logo, the look and feel of all its promotional material, etc. can be used to ensure that the company stands out from it competitors, is remembered and seen for its unique capabilities.

If a company is looking to exploit a new technology product, then the design of the product works to make it understandable and desirable to the customer.

Where a company is seeking to enter a new market, such as that for teenagers, then the way the company, product or service is presented or seen is empathetic to that age group and mindset. This can involve language or tone of voice, images, and ways of approaching things.

Design in Business Strategy

As much as the strategy of a company must be the basis for the design strategy and equally design thinking can be used to develop the company strategy. Thinking about customers and users needs, to generate and explore ideas and the ability to imagine or visualise what might be.

Developing a design project can be a catalyst for thinking about the direction a company could take. To be effective in a design project, it is necessary to write a clear outline brief, this not only describes the current situation, the company and its products or services, but also outlines; the objectives, both for the company and the project: the target market and the image, perception or experience that the company wants the customer or users to have. Simply considering these, challenges a company to consider how it is positioned, where it is going and often opens up opportunities that had not been thought of.

Whether you need to undertake a design project or re think the way your company uses design, contact us  for an informal discussion about how we can work with you to ensure the effective use of design. Please telephone with your name and contact details to 01277 896104 or e-mail them to and we call you back.